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Play-Doh Themed Creativity Classes Go Live Across The UK With The Creation Station


To coincide with it’s 60th-anniversary celebrations, Play-Doh will be bringing kids creativity classes to more than 800 Creation Station locations across the UK.

Delivered by The Creation Station, the campaign is designed to help support children’s development with a fortnight of weekly themed classes. The classes deliver shared creative play with children and their parents or carers, along with creative collaborations with other children. The classes aim to help develop critical thinking and problem-solving, communication, collaboration and creativity. The shared creative experiences include model making storytelling.

Craig Wilkins, Marketing Director Hasbro UK & Ireland, says:
“We’re delighted to be able to bring so many Play-Doh creativity classes to kids across the UK as part of our 60th-anniversary celebrations. The Creation Station is a perfect partner and have been invaluable in their support to bring this campaign to life.”

Sarah Cressall, Creation Station’s managing director, says:
“We are thrilled to be working with Play-Doh for this campaign. It’s an incredibly creative and timeless Hasbro brand, and with their support we’re able to support children and families share creative activities together.”

The Creation Station - Play-Doh

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New creative classes and clubs for children launch in over eight hundred locations nationwide


The UK’s leading children’s arts and crafts activity company launches new pre-school and after-school clubs, across the country.

The hands-on, exploratory programmes are based on the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum EYFS. Each class is designed to support the individual child’s journey of discovery, through a wide range of different materials and tools, every week.


Rebecca White, on the independent Trust Pilot review site, stated:
“We have been coming along to the art sessions since my little girl was 2 and I wish we had known about it when she was even younger, as babies can do it too. This is truly one of the best activity classes you can do for your child. They get to explore, create and learn – all at the same time. There is paint, glitter, foam pieces, sequins and glue. Basically, all the things children want to play with. And no need to worry about the mess. They provide full overall suits that cover them from head to toe and they provide water and cloths to wash those sticky hands and feet afterwards, so mums can breathe a sigh of relief. Every week is a different theme, so they don’t get bored doing the same thing, and you get to take your creations home. It is such a wonderful class I cannot recommend it enough.”

The classes have a five-star rating on Trust Pilot, from two hundred and eighty-eight reviews.  They are delivered nationwide by a team of DBS checked, first-aid trained, and safeguarding-trained Creation Station franchise owners. The classes:

Baby Discover Classes (weekly)

  • Baby Discover classes, for parents and carers of 6-15 month old babies. Designed to help babies explore and discover their world through safe, tried and tested hands-on and toes-on creative activities.

Little Explorer Classes (weekly)

  • Little Explorer classes, for parents or carers with their 16 months to five-year-old child. The classes support children to explore materials and concepts, discover new techniques, ideas, and develop skills and confidence.
  • Pre-school classes are called ‘Scrunchy, Crunchy, Bumpy – hands-on discovery’. They include activities exploring scrunchy and crunchy, squishy and squashy and slippery and slimy textures. Activities include creating see-through moveable pictures, mobiles, puppets, and clay creations.

Create Clubs (weekly, after-school and holidays)

  • Create Clubs provide nurturing, creative, fun after-school activities. They are designed to support the child’s exploration, develop their ideas, discover techniques, and grow their confidence, creativity and problem-solving skills. This term’s theme is the Art of Science and includes examining reflections, optical illusions and the solar system.

Sarah Cressall, founder of The Creation Station Ltd, said:
“I’m delighted that since 2002 we have been able to help inspire over 250,000 children and families through classes, clubs and parties. We are passionate about helping to bring creativity back into childhood, to help unlock their unique potential.  We work in partnership with lots of schools as well as local councils and family friendly companies who want to extend their range of services and bring families into their venue. I’m really grateful to all our partners, franchise owners and parents who help to inspire children’s imaginations.”

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The Creation Station Launches New Born Creative Keepsake Classes


The UKs leading children’s arts and crafts activity company launches a new craft service for parents who want to create a range of keepsakes with the baby’s hand and footprints.

The classes are called Tiny Treasures and are the brain child of Emma Theunissen who runs her own Creation Station franchise on the Isle of Wight.

“I’ve been running my Creation Station classes, parties and events for 3 years now and when I had my little girl Mae in January, I started to create lots of crafty keepsakes. Following Mae’s arrival I really wanted to create a safe, friendly and welcoming place for new mummies to come to, to meet new friends and create wonderful keepsakes together that they would cherish forever” says Emma mum to Kai aged 5 years, Zac aged 3 years and Mae aged 3 months. “I chatted it through with our Founder Sarah Cressall who was so supportive and now we are rolling it out across our 97 franchises throughout the UK and Ireland.”


Tiny Treasures is perfect for parents with babies from birth to 5 months. The fun interactive classes run for 90 minutes and are a relaxed way to meet other parents and to be creative, all at the same time.

Here’s an example of some of the gorgeous creations that will be able to be made and treasure at the Creation Station Tiny Treasure classes:

  • Make personalised Baby Bunting with a baby’s name and footprints
  • Create printed hand and footprint canvases with a baby to treasure their first marks
  • Frame a footprint with a beautiful deco patch wooden frame
  • Create a personalised baby hand and footprint greeting cards
  • Make 3D creative clay hand print or foot print to treasure for ever
  • Create wooden baby finger print memo holders to share with family and friends as a unique keepsake

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Unleash the Superhero within to create the change you want in your world


My Josh was 10 yesterday  and we celebrated by a little party and going to see the

The Creation Station Pow

Superhero’s change their world, unleash your Superhero and change the things you want for the better, in your world.

Marvel The Avengers movie.

Without wanting to spoil the movie the Superheroes where unleashed and the world was saved.

I’m feeling that putting on my Mrs Incredible outfit last week has unleashed  a lot of superhero thoughts!  How often in our own worlds are we brave enough to make the changes we really want, or need. I do believe that we have to be brave if we want to change our world to be the way we want it to be.

I know many of my franchise owners took the steps to change their world;

Watch what Lara has to say:

I am often truly inspired by my franchise owners , as they have identified what they want in their life and have unleashed their superhero to take the steps to change their world.

If you are feeling like changing something in your world and would like some inspiration

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It could be just what you need to help you create the change you need.

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Creative Play With Babies 6 month Up To 12 Months Of Age


A great way to support babies development is to provide safe opportunities for them to explore and discover new experiences and to experiment .
When introducing new Food and textures creative play provides babies with the opportunity to try and test new texture experiences, in a positive and fun environment. Do ensure that you baby is supervised at all times  during creative play and any sharp and choking hazards are out of the way.

Pop up puppet
This helps when a baby is getting idea that something still exists even when it can’t be seen
What you’ll need: A yoghurt pot or large paper cup; a straw, a small colourful toy (a finger puppet works best); some tape or glue.

Punch a hole in the bottom of yoghurt pot, or coffee cup. Insert a straw through the hole, then glue or tape to the tip a small cuddly toy, plastic figure, or, even better, a finger puppet (just slip it over the end of the stick and secure it with a bit of tape). Now you have a hand-operated pop-up toy. Pull the stick down so the toy or puppet is hidden inside the can or cup, then push it up suddenly when you want the jack-in-the-can to greet your baby.

Sharing the experience of the making activity helps to involve baby and there is often a greater response to playing with an item when participants in the game have been involved in the making.
See through  bottle

This helps when a baby is discovering the that items change and that they can affect the way the items change. 
Skills developed: dexterity, familiarity with colours
What you’ll need: a clear plastic bottle (or several) with a tightly fitting screw-on lid; food colouring; washing-up liquid.

Fill a large, clear plastic bottle, such as a  water bottle, one-third full of water. Add a few drops of washing-up liquid and a few drops of food colouring. Close the bottle tightly and give it to your baby; show him how to shake it up and make eye-catching coloured bubbles. Make several bottles using different shades of food colouring. Try adding oil, glitter etc., and use them to introduce your baby to the various colours. Show him how to roll the bottles across the floor.
Story boards

This helps to inspire your child’s love of reading and stories introduce animated bedtime story.

Skills developed: Verbal, hearing
What you’ll need: A felt board, available from educational toy shops and catalogues; sheets of coloured felt and scissors, or ready-cut felt shapes.

You can use traditional shop-bought felt shapes, which usually come in themed sets (farm animals, numbers, faces, and so on) or make your own by cutting them out with scissors. A good place to start is with simple shapes and picture you have cut out of magazines and tell a story.
Sit facing your baby with the felt board propped on your knees so it is clearly visible. Tell your story – any story! It could be about something you have done together that  day. Include your baby in the story, use different voices, facial expressions, try whispering and use pauses. Involve your baby in the story as much a possible.
Box Peek a boo
This provides the experience of a positive surprise and that items can still there even though they can’t be seen.
Skills developed: Understanding of object permanence, fine motor skills
What you’ll need: Recycled boxes, teddy bear or other toys.

Playing with and hiding teddies around the home is a fun way to keep your baby engaged in where has teddy gone. Use your recycling boxes and hide teddy in one of the boxes. You could  use the box as a house and lay teddy on a blanket to show he was sleeping.  Using examples of activity in role play can support the your babies understanding of  what  the activity is all about.  My three boys came to the office the other day, and transformed a box into a very cool house. It took them hours and they were so proud of their creation. Never underestimate the power of a box!

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Creative Play With Babies Up To 6 Months Of Age


Creative Play With Babies Up To 6 Months Of Age

By Sarah Cressall, Founder of The Creation Station, the UK’s Leading Children’s Activity Franchise. Published by Teach Nursery.

Babies have a wonderful ability to learn and develop at a phenomenal rate. Our role is to gently allow and support babies to experience the different elements of their new world in order to help them understand and embrace their new environment.

Baby enjoying creative play  at The Creation Station Baby Discovery class

Baby enjoying creative play at The Creation Station Baby Discovery class

Finding appropriate activities that  provide the right level of stimulation in response to each babies individual needs can be a challenge. This is why we developed ‘Baby Discovery’, a Journey of discovery and development for babies to discover their world. I want to share with you some of the   creative play ideas and practical activities that we have found work really well in our Baby Discovery programme and that will help you support your Babies development  in your setting.

It goes without saying that children must always be supervised during creative play and only to do activities that they enjoy.  If they don’t like playing hide and seek under a quilt cover then don’t do it!  It is also best to plan activity time when you baby is most alert, usually before food or before a nap.  So how can you get started?
To support Babies hand and eye coordination and sense of touch, try these games
Look & Feel
Skills development  hand and eye co-ordination, touch
What you need:
Provide a selection of touchable household items and products with varied textures to experience soft, furry, rough, smooth. You could try using;  scarves, soft jumpers,  hessian,  a  furry toy, cold cucumbers, carrots.  
Talk to  baby and tell him what he is feeling an seeing. Demonstrate touching the items yourself too and saying how it feels. You can ask you baby questions  “ How does that feel?” “Did that feel silky?“
With your baby lying on his back give his tummy or toes or hands a gentle brush against the skin.
To support Babies visual development try this creative play;
 Finger Puppet Play
Finger puppet play. Cut a rectangle of card and staple together to create a  cylinder mark a simple face on the front and pop on your finger. Bring 8-15 cm to your babies face.  And say  hello ‘babies name’  my name is  Millie Moo and

Funny Face PlayFunny Face play.  Make a range of facial expressions changing them slowly from surprised to happy, pull your tongue out.  Show your baby their face with a plastic mirror and talk about each face  change you make “ I’m feeling happy, can you smile an make a happy face too?”

To support Babies hearing visual development try this creative play;
Talking Tubes & Creative Cones

Talk into a tube into  Babies left ear, then  right ear, to help baby learn each ear can hear independently. You can develop this into  making a cone, and drawing a simple face on it. Pop the cone  on your finger and say  ‘Hello  babies name- my name Clare the cone ‘, make the cone dance to some music. The gently say ‘ going to talk in your ear now. Then turn the cone over and speak in to Babies ear.

The most effective way for babies to develop is by interacting with other. Learn what baby likes and doesn’t like and respond to them appropriately. Do more of the activities they enjoy and encourage and praise them through their days.
To support Babies cause and effect understanding, try this creative play;
Peek a boo & Where’s Teddy gone?
Hiding behind an object and popping out can provide a great sense of fun for Baby. Use  surprised or happy facial expressions when you appear and respond to babies reactions.  Try  hiding behind a book and popping out different sides. Adapt this game with a soft toy hiding  in a box or behind a cupboard. Repeat this game and give baby a chance to make the toy  hide and pop out too.

Next month  I will share some of our top tips for creative play for 6 months to 12 months.
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