Late for class? Don’t worry – we’ve got it covered.




Help your little one get creative at The Creation Station preschool classes. 

Despite your best plans, do you sometimes find yourself stressed and struggling with your to-do list.

This is quadrupled (or quadzillionrupled) when you have children.

The simple things can take so much longer.

If you’ve struggled to get back into the routine after the summer holidays, you’re not alone.

We love these creative late notes from Seth King, a father who struggles to get his kids to school on time.

His late notes to the teachers have built him a following on Instagram of 111K – really – they are that good.

If you fancy checking him (and us) out on Instagram – go to late notes and The Creation Station.



If you haven’t decided which classes to join yet, don’t worry you’re not too late to sign up for our classes.

And guess what?

We don’t mind if you’re late to class.

We understand.

Even if you still want to sign up and start a little later in the term, that’s no problem. The wonderful ladies and gents that run our classes will always do their best to accommodate you and your child. You can choose from:

  • Baby Discover classes, for parents and carers of 6 – 15-month-old babies. Designed to help babies explore and discover their world through safe, tried and tested hands-on and toes-on creative activities.
  • Little Explorers for parents or carers with 16 months to 5-year-old child. Classes support children to explore materials and concepts, discover new techniques, ideas, and develop skills and confidence.
  • Create Club, our after-school clubs for 5 – 11-year-olds. Classes are designed to support the child’s exploration, develop their ideas, discover techniques, and grow their confidence, creativity, and problem-solving skills. This term’s theme is the Art of Science and includes examining reflections, optical illusions, and the solar system.

So, where are your local Creation Station classes happening?

There are loads of ways to find out.

Email, or call 01395 239 700 and we’ll tell you. Visit our website The Creation Station , pop in your postcode and it will give you the details of your closest Creation Station.

Hope to see you at your local Creation Station soon… well, soon-ish anyway.


About yourcreationstation

We love to inspire imaginations, and we have a wealth of fun activities, ideas and general cool stuff to do this. So whether it is activities or classes for your child, fabulous birthday party entertainment or activities for an event we can help. You can even run your own Creation Station inspiring business that fits brilliantly around family life.

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