“I went from investment banking to investing in myself and my future”


Penny Gilbert Creation Station Franchise owner in OxfordCreation-Station 2016 logo - RGB - for AE

“I wasn’t really enjoying my work for an investment bank so I decided to look into the options of running my own franchise.  I wanted to use my skills to run my own business, and also benefit from the reassurance of a tried and tested business model. With so many franchise options available I decided to look at what I enjoyed doing and use this as a guide to help identify the type of opportunity that would work best for me.

Nicki 035As a volunteer in Brownies and Guides I’ve always loved running activities and working with children, so this seemed like a good place to start. I explored a number of franchise options that would enable me to maintain my own personal values and fit within my family commitments.

I came across ‘The Creation Station’ online and it immediately jumped right out at me. I couldn’t quite believe that it would really be possible to run a business doing what I love! I could also bring my daughter along to the classes too and have much more time with her. This all added up to reduced childcare costs, more time with my daughter and doing something I loved with lots of great support! It just seemed to have my name written all over it!


Smiles of Success: Penny picks up the award of ‘Best Franchise Owner of the Year 2016’

Smiles of success: Penny picks up the award of Best Franchise Owner of the Year 2016


That was 5 years ago, I’ve since had our second daughter and I took 6 months off. The team at Head. Office have really supported me though my journey which even includes me speaking on BBC Oxford radio.I was thrilled to be awarded the prestigious title of Best Franchise Owner of the Year in the2016 awards from of our team of 97 franchisees.

 My life now has all the things I want, believe in and all that value. I absolutely love running my own award winning Creation Station franchise. I am able to balance my home life with our youngest and my 8yr old without giving up my rewarding business. By investing in a brand I believe in and investing in myself, I have been able to make a lifestyle choice that ticks all the boxes for my family’s future. Our Founder, Sarah Cressall is a pure inspiration as she is committed to building strong working relationships within the network and the whole of the head office team are just as dedicated and passionate about each individual Franchise Owner’s business. This has really helped me to maximize potential opportunities, develop personally and to help me be in control of my working life and be there for my family commitments”


If Penny’s story has inspired you to consider running your own successful Creation Station franchise then request your free information pack.

fr Penny circle

Fun facts about Penny


Tell us about a challenge you have overcome.

“I recently completed the London Marathon 2016 which was amazing!”

What is your favourite food?



What makes you smile the most?



What would be your ideal day?

“I’d say a spa morning, drinking bubbles, lunch with my nearest and dearest and then partying the night away with friends”


What is your favourite book?

“The Davinci Code”


What do you love most about working with The Creation Station?

“Support from Head Office, the network…and glitter!” 


What do you really dislike?

“Rude people”


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