Winners Of The Best Creation Station Franchise Awards Announced At The 14th Annual Inspiring Imaginations Conference.


The Creation Station Franchisees

Franchise owners from across the UK gathered at The Arden Hotel for the 14th annual Creation Station national franchise conference. The day provided all franchise owners the opportunity to network, and discover new developments, innovations and product launches from Creative Hub head quarters, at Inspiration House, Woodbury, Devon.

“Our franchise conference is by far the best day of our year” smiles Fran Long, The Creation Station dedicated franchise support manager. “Our network has a really strong family and community feel, so when we get together it’s a hugely positive and supportive day.”


Ruth Churchill Dower Our Inspirational Guest Speaker

The conference included the inspirational guest speaker, Ruth Churchill Dower Director of Earlyarts. Ruth delivered an engaging session on the science and benefits of creativity. There were also ‘Pearls Of Wisdom’ sessions delivered by franchise owners to share their top tips with the network.

Every year franchise owners who have contributed to their community or made significant developments in their business are recognized at The Creation Station Best Franchise Awards.

“Our franchise owners make such positive contributions to their local community and really help children and families to be creative and have fun together” said Sarah Cressall, Founder and Managing Director. ”I am really proud of the differences our network are making, so judging the awards is really tough. Each year our franchise owners are becoming more and more successful and the calibre is really high.”


Franchisees Celebrating The 14th Annual Conference

The following awards were presented;


  • The prestigious title of the “Best Franchisee of the Year 2016” was awarded to Penny Gilbert from Oxford for delivering the core values with such passion to her local community.
  • The prestigious title of “Best New Franchisee of the Year 2016” was awarded to Jann Thorpe from Manchester for a phenomenal first year.
  • The prestigious title of “The People’s Choice Award” chosen by the network was awarded to Kevin Kerridge from North West Leicester for the second year.
  • Additional awards were given out for outstanding actions, these included;“Best Member of Staff” was awarded to Melanie Anstee, who works for Louise Richardson in Fareham.
  • “Best Retailer” was awarded to Rebecca Dickinson from Faversham.
  • “Best Can Do Attitude” was won by Claire Darnley from Halesowen.
  • “Best  Photo” was won by Kevin Kerridge from Leicester.



Jann Thorpe Wins “Best New Franchisee” Award



Claire Darnley Wins “Best Can Do Attitude” Award


Penny Gilbert

Penny Gilbert “Best Franchisee Of The Year” Award









Additional awards included the prestigious gold pin award for inspiring over 6000 children in one year, awarded to;

Ruth final

Ruth Morris Wins ” Inspiring 6000 Children” Award

  • Ruth Morris from Aberdeen.

The prestigious silver awarded for inspiring over 3000 child in a year was awarded to;

  • Claire Darnley from Halesowen and Nicki Smith from Bath.

The bronze award for inspiring 1000 children ina year was awarded to;

  • Abbie Melia from Wakefield South, Alice Simpson from Devon, Anna Dickson from Cornwall, Anna Quinn from Bradford , Carol Jackson from Reading, Deepa Robinson from Bracknell, Emma White from Weybridge, Faye Williams from Cardiff West, Fiona Burn from Portsmouth, Gemma Gough, Jann Thorpe, Julia Scoble, Kevin Kerridge, Kirsty Hickson, Lisa Hagg from Bournemouth, Liz Cairns from South Ayrshire, Louise Richardson from Fareham, Melanie Dawson from Surrey, Sara le Roux from Penistone, Sarah Ekins from Spalding, Suzie Smith from Grantham, Penny Gilbert from Oxford, Nicole Norman from Stevanage and Rachel Simpson from Nottingham.

Behind the scenes photographs from the event can be seen on The Creation Station Facebook. 


5 Year Service Award Winners

We look forward to continuing to nurture creativity and inspire children and families across the UK and in Southern Ireland.

For more information on your local Creation Station visit

For more information on running your own successful Creation Station franchise request a free information pack. For more information contact Maggie Seager on 01395 349462 or email


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  1. Thank you for such a wonderful inspired day full of exciting developments, a celebration of achievements, and an informative and relevant guest speaker. The power of our family friendly community is second to none, and its very empowering to be surrounded by lots of inspirational women (and men of course!)


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