Lego’s instructions from the 1970s


Lego’s instructions from the 1970s

I saw this on one on our Creation Station Aberdeen’s Facebook (we do have an inspiring network!) and it really struck a chord…

The urge to create is in all of us and given the same brief, each and every one of us will create something different. Something amazing. 

At The Creation Station we believe that creativity is about the journey of discovery and exploration, not ‘this is what you will make’. Each journey is unique as each child is inspired by their own natural curiosity, their sense are engaging and they are encouraged to explore and develop at a rate and pace that suits them. This approach nurture their own self-esteem and develops problem solving and many of the essential and desirable life skills we want to help are children develop.

So let’s take a leaf out of Lego’s book and continue with this encouragement so we help nurture the wonder within each child.

If you would like to find out local creative classes and clubs in your area visit The Creation Station.

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