Sarah Finan inspires children’s imaginations with her own Creation Station franchise


To continue with our Creation Station franchise owner stories here is a post from the inspiring Sarah Finan, owner The Creation Station Chatham Maritime. Sarah was the Deputy Childcare Co-Ordinator of children’s centre and decided to take control of her working life to have more time with her own children.


Sarah Finan inspires imaginations in and around Chatham Maritime

“So where do I start…, I can’t put into words how honoured I feel and privileged to have been given the opportunity to bring the Creation Station to Kent.  Only 5 months into my sparkly magical journey I have already achieved so much. I can truly say that I have loved every second, some very challenging, tiring (physically and emotionally) nerve racking, apprehensive seconds, but most of all moments of excitement, ambition, happiness, feeling proud, determined and passionate. The last emotion for me being the most important.

After working with children and families for almost 17 years I needed to prioritise my own family and my needs but I wanted to continue to support other children and families, The Creation Station has allowed me to keep doing what I am passionate about, and more importantly be there for my family! I can truly say it was made for me! (Thanks Creative Hub)

I HAVE to make it Outstanding. Nothing less will do. It’s a company with values and ethics that I believe in and so much so I can’t let it be anything less. And on top of that I really have reaped the benefits from it being my perfect job. 13 children at my first session is something I am more than proud of. I have built up amazing relationships with my venue owners as they have seen the benefits of me being there, and I hope can feel my positivity and determination to make it work. I have introduced a dads group and managed 7 events to date, I have 14 parties already booked for this year.


Sarah with some of her fellow Creation Station franchise owners at the Release the Magic conference.

I still can’t quite believe that I run my own business, don’t get me wrong, behind the scenes there is LOTS I need to learn, but I am learning so much, things that I would never have thought I could do! An Excel spread sheet would have scared the life out of me in the past, something I would have delegated, but I am slowly getting used to it all and rather enjoying it surprisingly! Another learning curve and something that I have never had to really put my mind too is marketing, nearly 500 Facebook likes already which I can’t quite believe! But I guess believing in what you are doing is a good seller!

I am OBSESSED with Early years, theories education, but also love delivering Family Fun workshops and Arty Parties with the older children, it has reminded me so much of when I was a children’s holiday rep! I’ve had some amazing feedback which I am so proud of! I can’t believe that I am responsible for it!

It is all of my past jobs rolled into one and more importantly being able to do it and it not impact on my family is why I’m sat here typing this, so thank you The Creation Station for allowing me to do something that really is my passion.”

To find out more about Sarah’s fun and creative baby and toddler sessions visit The Creation Station Kent Chatham Maritime Facebook or The Creation Station website.

Do you have the same passion and motivation as Sarah and want to be there for your family?  Find out more about whether The Creation Station could be right for you by calling 01395 233022.

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