My Creation Station journey so far has not only inspired many children and families but has also inspired me to believe in myself.  


To continue with our lovely stories from Creation Station franchise owners here is a post from the inspiring Lois Naylor who runs The Creation Station Wakefield and loves the dynamic range of work her business allows her to do.


Lois Naylor inspires imaginations in Wakefield

 “When I applied to run my Creation Station franchise 18 months ago, it was all a very methodical, practical process and choice.

I had no idea about arts and crafts and the benefits it had for children, and I approached the business purely from the perspective of ‘How will I benefit?’ Oh, how things have changed!

I have learnt the absolute joy children and carers can get from working together, and seen first hand the creativity spring from children who have been considered ‘past help’ by parents and professionals.

I have worked with local Community Interest Companies, to deliver The Creation Station to people who can’t afford the sessions – I do this for no financial benefit, and have raised just over £500 for various charities. I am working with the Wakefield Hospice this Easter for a full weekend providing a respite Craft tent for the families and children of Hospice patients. All services provided free of charge to everyone; any donations go straight to the Hospice, and I never thought I’d say this…but I love making a difference

I have learnt an enormous amount about myself, and the positive effect I can have in a young families’ lives, especially the children. When I received my first ‘Thank you’ card, I didn’t understand why they were giving it to me; after all, it was just my job!

I have since realised that it is not ‘just my job’, but with the help of Creative Hub and all the amazing session plans, I am actually helping to inspire parents, grandparents, children, to develop together and in some cases, get to know each other.

I have tried really hard to be involved with the network as much as possible; for example being a member of the Franchise Advisory Council. This involvement has been a key player in the development of my self confidence with Creation Station, and the feeling of being valued by Creative Hub has had a massive effect on how I run my sessions. I believe in what I am delivering, because you develop with us. We are all striving for the same thing, and to have that support from the Hub is invaluable.

It has been an amazing journey of discovery for me, and has inspired me to believe in myself as a good person – someone who can pass this positive energy on to families and encourage them to inspire themselves……..I’ve even become a little bit creative in the process!!”

To find out more about Lois’s fun and creative baby and toddler sessions visit The Creation Station Wakefield Facebook or The Creation Station website.

Do you have the same passion and motivation as Lois?  Find out more about whether The Creation Station could be right for you by calling 01395 233022.

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