Creative hub is buzzing with excitement …


..this week but each week is so full of cool and awesome ideas and news, it’s easy to forget to share it sometimes as there is so much going on. So here are a few things that have really made us smile.

  • Emma who has just been awarded the franchise on the Isle of Wight has been asked to speak on the Radio about her family fun sessions- very excited for her!
  • Ruth Longrigg just got some great booking to run the children’s activities in 3 agricultural shows.
  • Plus a wealth of other great classes, parties and events booked across the UK, with over 26,000 hits to our website in the last 4 weeks.

last dayDue to demand we’ve just introduced training for new franchisees every month and this week 7 new people are coming to Inspiration House for their franchise training – can’t wait  to meet everyone again!

My big thanks go to the wonderful  Lynda Titley, Penny Gilbert, Christine Cox,  Vicci Worthy and Maggie Seager for the brilliant job of running the Kid’s Zone at the NEC National Franchise Exhibition.

Cloudy Meatballs Strawberry final name jpg

Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs 2 has been a great way to support our network. We are running cloudy classes all week and Sony have provided free DVDs for every franchise owner to give away at their class. We are also running a Cloudy competition which is being shared out on many of the Sony film sites.

 >> Don’t miss your chance to win an amazing party package- it’s transferable and valid for 12 months!

We’re off to The Work & Family Show in London this Friday and Saturday and will be speaking a few times on the panel over the two days. Let us know if you want some tickets, just email

Our biggest ever Discovery Event is taking place in Guildford on Saturday – and it’s half term too!  So planning some cool stuff with my three lovely boys.

Hope your week is great!

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