Discover how Kirsty Hickson swapped a career in teaching to fulfill a creative passion and have more time with her sons Jack and Alfie.


Attend a free and fun Discovery Event on November 9th for your chance to meet Kirsty and find out how she found her dream job.


Kirsty Hickson loves running Creation Station Driffield

“I have always had a dream of working for myself and being able to manage my working hours around my family life. I also wanted to still work with children in some way, as I thrive off seeing my own and other families being happy. I thought it really was all a dream until I saw The Creation Station. I shared their passion for inspiring children’s imaginations, and discovered how they ran the Kid’s Zone for the Olympics and support 75 mums and a dad to run their own rewarding children’s arts and crafts franchise. It sounded like the perfect opportunity for me.

My first few months in business have been the most hard work and fun months ever. From locating venues, to marketing classes, to finding a customer base the work has never stopped. The difference is I can plan my hours working around my children, there are no more before and after school clubs and the children are involved in the business as much as they can, from helping to prep for classes to trying out the session plans at home and even helping at sessions. A great change from before when my time was spent marking books and organising school lessons which they simply couldn’t help with and my time with them was much less.

I have always been quite a quiet person who preferred to hide away in a crowd but obviously taking on this business has pushed me out of that comfort zone and I have surprised myself at how much I have enjoyed meeting new people and putting myself out in the community as the East Yorkshire Creation Station provider. I still find myself getting nervous before every class, party, event etc. but I know each experience is building my confidence and developing my skills to have a great business.

matt austinle

The Creation Station provides Baby Discover and Little Explorer sessions, Arty Parties and Event Entertainment

If I knew when my eldest son was young the sheer happiness and contentment I would get from owning my own business, especially one that actually encapsulates all my loves in life in one, and still allows me so much hands on quality time with my children, I would have done it so much sooner.”

Find out how this opportunity could work for you, request your info pack from Maggie and find out about your free Discovery Event on Saturday November 9th 9.30am – 2.30pm in York, with your chance to meet Kirsty and fellow Creation Station franchisees.

Call Tel 01395 349462 or email

It could be just what you are looking for!

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