“Running my own franchise is about as far-removed from my original career plan as you can get”


Nathalie and her son Hugo are loving her new flexible business

Nathalie Bailey-Flitter mummy to Elizabeth and Hugo

“I am not a risk-taker at all but The Creation Station franchise offered me all the benefits of running my own business minus the majority of risk.

My background is in nursing and NHS Research & Development. Although I loved my profession, returning to work after the birth of my second child was awful. I was fed up of missing out on time with my children and was no longer prepared to sacrifice all for my job.

I stumbled across The Creation Station on Netmums and really I liked what I saw, but from my very first conversation with Maggie I knew this was what I was meant to do! I still undertook lots of research (must be my background!) and read books about franchising, contacted the British Franchise Association, had phone conversations with other franchisees, spoke to family, friends, the bank etc.


Nathalie even had a Creation Station cake for her birthday!

Talking to the other franchisees at the Discover Event showed me a life that I didn’t even dare believe could be mine! I felt really tearful after leaving the Discovery Event and a bit down-in-the-dumps on the drive back to Nottingham in case I wasn’t what The Creation Station was looking for as they are very selective. It was probably at that moment that I realised just how much I wanted this opportunity.

I was overjoyed when Maggie rang me and I booked into the next available training.

My hardest job was convincing my parents that I hadn’t taken leave of my senses in becoming self-employed. My career in the NHS was secure, on the rise and with a good pension BUT it just wasn’t where I needed to be. Other challenges were; securing the business loan but the Natwest were great (I understand they have never refused a loan for a Creation Station franchise), also staying steadfast and trusting my own instincts (when running my own franchise is about as far-removed from my original career plan as you can get!)

The Creation Station is an established and well-respected brand and I know I have back up and support when I need it both from Head Office aka ‘Creative Hub’ and the other franchisees. The journey so far has been even better than I thought and nothing negative has happened since I paid over my money!

I feel like I belong to a big family that is all striving for excellence and it is these values and ethos that first attracted me to The Creation Station. I am pleased to say that the way they present themselves outwardly is a true reflection of how they operate behind the scenes too.


Elizabeth loves being able to test out the activities with her mum

This was again nicely illustrated as the Creative Hub team were so warm, friendly and inclusive when when I brought my children in to visit during my training. They even got a special VIP trip to the warehouse and left with a bagful of goodies.


I honestly enjoyed every minute of the training….and having attended LOTS of training in my past life, I have never been able to say that before!!

I felt valued, nurtured and supported. I was also re-assured to find that the other trainees all had similar experiences to me in terms of struggling to balance their career and family life.

The post-training support has also been great, and I am always impressed by how hands-on Sarah Cressall, our founder is. This tells me she cares passionately about Creation Station and that’s what you need from a leader!

My Future

I honestly feel that the sky is the limit. I intend to take on staff by year two, and locally really be the household name for all things creative. I am a firm believer that all things happen for a reason and at the right time. I am definitely in the right place and the right time and loving the decision I made not just for me but my whole family.”

Find out more about Classes and Arty Parties in Nottingham by contacting Nathalie on 0844 824 4513 or email nathaliebailey-flitter@thecreationstation.co.uk

Are you interested in taking control of your career by running your own fun creative business? Click here to receive a free information pack.

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