Create Club Approval from the Big Apple



In Create Club this term we are being inspired by some awesome artists, with works by famous names such as Matisse, Keith Haring and Andy Warhol. Whilst developing our Awesome Art Inspired by Amazing Artists programme, I came across an artist called Borbay, who is based in New York. He does phenomenal collage art, including portraits.


A collection of works by one of our Awesome Artists – Borbay

Borbay has had an array of creative jobs, beginning work as a Graphic Designer in Boston, and turning his hand to stand-up comedy and producing, he also worked his way up to Business Director of an advertising firm.

He currently enjoys the freedom of a Professional Artist residing in Manhatten. The span of his career shows how inspirational creativity is across different disciplines and the doors it opens.

I wrote to him and asked if we could share his images with our children to show them some great techniques. Below is his response:

borbay doc

Create Club

It is great to get some positive affirmation about the importance of children’s art education. Through Create Club we can inspire the artists of the next generation with access to new materials and techniques through fun and creative sessions.

Keep an eye on our Create Cub Ltd Facebook page for images of the children’s Awesome Artist inspired art. 

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