Thumbs up for Creation Station Events


DIGITAL CAMERAWe received a lovely testimonial from Shaun Smith, the Chair of the  ‘One Sheffield, Many Cultures Festival’, praising the work of our Creation Station Sheffield Franchisee Jenny Seymour.

“We wish to thank Jenny Seymour formerly for her valuable contribution to the success of our Festival. Without the presence of Creation Station at our Festival we would not have been able to deliver structured entertainment for younger children who came with the families of secondary school participants.

The presence of a Creation Station meant more families spent time at our event and for longer. This benefited us greatly and we will seek to maintain our relationship with Jenny for the future on this basis. 

In addition to her valuable support Jenny also attracted other similar complimentary entertainments to our event.  Without her enormous network of contacts and the time she took to introduce us to them we would have struggled to fulfill our aim to deliver a fun packed family day.” Shaun Smith, Chair OSMC

Great to get such positive feedback, well done Jenny! Click here to find out more about Jenny’s classes and events.


If you would like to work with The Creation Station at an upcoming event just contact Vicci on 01395 239700 or email on

Do you have any stories to share about your experiences with The Creation Station, for the chance to write a post on ‘yourcreationstation’ blog please email

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