New creative franchise set to inspire the UK with art and crafts clubs for people aged 5 years old to 99 years old.


New creative franchise set to inspire the UK with art and crafts clubs for people aged 5 years old to 99 years old.

A new arts and crafts creative franchise called Create Club, launched by The Creation Station is taking the UK by storm. Create Club has been developed to inspire minds, with creative and fun experiences activities, for children aged 5 years and adults aged up to 99

Developed by award winning entrepreneur and founder of The Creation Station Sarah Cressall  to meet the increasing demand for creative experience.

Sarah Cressall, the Founder and Managing Director of Create Club and The Creation Station said “We were being inundated with enquries
for additional arts and crafts activities for 5 years and upwards. So, we developed
the Create Club franchise and within four weeks eight franchises were up and
running their own successful business. It’s been so successful we are now
looking for people who share our values to inspire imaginations and who want to
run their own successful  Create Club franchise”

With over 100,000 families already inspired by The Creation Station weekly classes, parties and events, Create Club is set to become the UK leading creative  provider for after school clubs, Saturday clubs and holiday clubs. Create Club also provides bespoke clubs for special needs groups and the elderly.

Hayley Sugden who
runs the Leeds Create Club said “I have children, parents and teachers raving
about my Create Clubs. My after school clubs fills within twenty four hours of launching
the new programme with repeat pre-paid termly bookings. I am now already looking
to develop my staff so I can take a more management role.”

To find out about more about the Create Club and
the franchise opportunity visit
or call Maggie Seager on 01395 239700 or email

About Us.

First and foremost, we are PASSIONATE about nurturing creativity!

What does that mean for us? Well, we love having fun with different materials – paint, glue and, of course, a bit of glitter – but we also believe that being creative is about experimenting, playing and just seeing what happens.

Giving expression to your own imagination in a group setting provides lots of benefits. It helps young children learn to make choices, share, listen, observe, pretend, problem solve, as well as play and interact with others.

The Creation Station isn’t simply about learning how to paint, model or collage along the lines of “Here’s one we did earlier”. It’s all about having a go, being inspired by something quite simple and encouraging each person to develop their own ideas. It’s amazing seeing that happen and it also gives you a huge boost of confidence when your ideas are taken seriously – no matter how old you are!

The Creation Station is the first and most
successful children’s art and crafts activity business in the UK  and provided the interactive kidszone at Hype
park for the Olympics . Committed to inspire children’s imaginations and
support families with engaging art and crafts classes, parties and events for
children aged 3 months to 11 years. These are delivered by  network of over 65 franchise owners operate
across the UK.

Due to demand  Create club was launched in 2012 to provide after
school Saturday and holiday clubs and bespoke clubs for adults and the elderly.
Currently there are 9 Create Clubs running across the U.K.

Founded by mum to three Sarah Cressall in
2002. Sarah gained the title of female franchisor of the Year and is listed in
the top 100 Mumprenuer, The Creation Station won the ‘Best Franchisee Marketing
Support’ award 2012, ‘Best Interactive Business Award’ 2011, the Crème de la
Crème business award 2012, Finalist in The Extraordinary Woman of the Year 2011
award and Business woman of the year 2009 in the Leicestershire awards.

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