The Creation Station supports Treehouse Play Centre with fun art and crafts activities that are loved by customers and staff alike.


We just received the following email from a the Manager of the lovely Treehouse Play Centre in Oxfordshire.

“I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say how impressed we are in working with Penny Gilbert, who I understand is one of your franchisees.penny
We have worked with a number of external partners since opening in 2010 but not one has matched the professionalism and enthusiasm that is shown by Penny.
She works with us to make the administration easy for our mutual customers and staff, which in the past has been very complicated with such partners.
But overall it is also the extremely positive response we get from the attendees of the classes. They simply love them.
An excellent product made fantastic by a lovely individual who loves her product.
All the best”

Mike Foster
The Treehouse play centre

Thank you so much Mike for your kind words, your great team and lovely venue. It is such a privilege to work with great partners to help support your goals and at the same time achieve our goals which are all about inspiring children and parents to enjoy shared creative hands on arts and crafts fun together and to help them discover new activities and make new friends 🙂

For more information about how your business could benefit from working in partnership with our inspiring Creation Station  team, visit The Creation Station partners page  or call 0844 854 9100.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Sarah Cressall

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  1. I flound this article whilst looking for other information on play centres however I really like the thought of a tree house for kids to play in.

    I also think the name ‘the creation station’ is really good and clever


    Spaceworld Play Centre


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