I’ve found a fun and rewarding business that I love and that fits in perfectly with being mum to my boys – some people call me lucky – I tend to agree!


I wished there had been a Creation Station around when my twins were growing as it’s so fabulous on many development levels giving inspiration and structure but also allowing you to explore with materials I couldn’t use or didn’t have room for at home.


It has been over three years since I decided to invest in a Creation Station franchise with a view to finding a rewarding work/life balance after the birth of my twin boys. They join in at Creation Station wherever possible and love to get involved.  It has been an amazing journey so far and is well into its next step since I became one of the first franchisees of the new Create Club business. Now at school, my twins come along to our Afterschool Create Club. Every morning, they ask – is it Create Club today Mummy?

I still can’t quite believe that this is my job, not only working around family life but just so enjoyable.
I really wake up raving to go! It is fantastic to see the shared experience between grown up and child, helping to inspire ideas and new ways of thinking. I love to see  the joy when a child has achieved by making something the way they want

hayley class

to. There are many things that make our activities great, most notably because it suits all ages and skills, there is no right or wrong and it is driven by individual creativity.

I started by running 2 weekly sessions and now run 4 weekly Creation Station sessions, 2 weekly Create Club and Arty Parties most weekends. These are across a range of venues from a local farm park to a soft play venue where they even bought me new tables and chairs for the kids to work on. Its fantastic to work with other positive family foucesed organisations too.

I also run an adult Create Club classes,  in partnership with the local City Council and work with 7 different Extended Services regions within the City. I have been able to work closely with local communities on fun days, summer and Christmas fairs and local events such as the Better Baby Show.

I have many loyal customers, some of who have been with me since my first session and have only stopped as their children have gone onto school and can no longer attend! I have achieved the balance I wanted in doing something creative and rewarding for a job and still get to spend quality time with my twin boys and family.

We joined Creation Station as the franchise support was one of the best, three years on this has grown, developed and won many awards. The Head office team are supportive and approachable, tackling any problems big or small in a way that suits your local business, I cannot recommend them in words enough.

I was so delighted to be shortlisted for The Best Franchise of the Year Award, we have an awesome team of other franchisees and we really support each other too. Some people say I’m very lucky to have such a rewarding business that fits so well into my family life.  I tend to agree, but I also had to take the steps to invest not just in The Creation Station  franchise, but also in myself  – I am so proud that I did  and grateful to my lovely husband Phil for all his support too.

You can find out more about my baby and toddler and family fun classes  plus arty birthday parties by clicking here:  The Creation Station Leeds.  

For information on my after school, Saturday and holiday clubs please click here: Create Club Leeds of give me a call on 0844 854 9130.

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  1. Love it! Working as a nursery teacher but thinking about making the leap and becoming a franchisee – going to a Discovery Day in Hertfordshire on Saturday. Could this be the change in my life that I need?!


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