Finalists Announced for The Creation Station Franchisee of the Year 2013


Franchise owners from across the UK are gathering on Saturday 9th February for the Inspiring Imaginations on conference in Exeter Devon. The theme is ‘Your Blueprint of Success’ and includes a section of 15 behaviours of highly successful people with a talk from Shaun Durham from Crisp. There is an interactive shared best practise called ‘Pearls of Wisdom and the launch of some new and exciting initiatives.

Sarah Cressall founder and Managing Director said “The number of entrants for the best franchise owner of the year has been greater than ever. We have a really inspiring network who are doing really great things within their communities.
There the three categories of award, best new Franchisee, The Franchisee franchisees- voted by peers and the Best Franchise of the year

The Finalists for the New Franchise are Roisin Ryan-Egan
Liz Cairns from South Ayrshire, Jenny Seymour Sheffield. Jo Sutcliffe from Enfield and Karen Carnson from Perth & Kinross.

The Finalists for the Franchisees Franchisee award are Neela Jackson from the Pennines, Liz Cairns from South Ayrshire, Louise Platt from Bedfordshire, Jenny Seymour from Sheffield, Melanie Dawson from Wimbledon, Aby Mason from Worthing,  Lisa Hagg from Bournemouth, Cath Allen from County Antrim and Jackie Farrow from Guildford.

The Best Franchise of the Year awards the finalists are Aby Mason from Worthing, Hayley Sugden from Leeds and Melanie Dawson from Wimbledon.

Winner will be announced at the award ceremony at 3.30pm at the Inspiring Imaginations conference. Huge congratulations to all the finalists for reaching the final stage of this prestigious award.


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