How To Be An Incredible Superhero In Your Business

Sarah Cressall Founder Of Creation Station

Mrs Incredible aka Sarah Cressall Founder Of The Creation Station

Running a business takes vision, passion and courage.  You have to use your head, your heart and have guts!

OMG – this has never been truer than last Tuesday.

I invest thousands in to developing and learning more about business and marketing as I believe there is so much to learn and develop and getting a single nugget can be worth the time and investment. So one of the groups I go to is for the Academy of Chief Executives. Mainly men- in fact, all apart from a wonderful lady. So when they mentioned fancy dress a few months ago, I thought, well, might as well go for it.

I popped to our local fancy hire  and came upon the Mrs Incredible suit – It looked like a good costume for the day. At least in the catalogue it did! I didn’t have time to try it on (foolishly some may say)

So I arrived at Exeter Chiefs Rugby ground – a very prestigious place.  A few ladies giggled and asked me if I was there for the careers convention. I said I had already had an incredible job already 🙂  I found out that the group had changed venue. I thought it was odd that they hadn’t told me, so I popped along to the alternative venue, receiving a number of weird looks along the way. I leapt out of my car and looked for my fellow team of buccaneers and fancy dressers… but sadly couldn’t see any. I’m sure you’ve guessed by now….They were all there, smartly dressed in their suits, with me, parading in a rather tight Mrs Incredible outfit. They had decided to cancel the fancy dress and apologised for not letting me know!!!

I am sure you can imagine my feelings of utter and total looming embarrassment and wanting to sink into the floor. But rather than trying to hide in the corner – not easy is a vibrant red clingy jump suit,  I just said that The Creation Station has won best Franchisee marketing support and I’d own best female Franchisor of the year, so it  just my Tuesday outfit .

Our focus was doing talks and presentations, with a great lady called Celia Delany, so I also had to stand up and  do a few presentations as well. (I tried to keep my back wall 🙂 At least they all now they all know who I am!

The incredible things is, now if I feel nervous about doing a presentation, I only have to think … well at least I’m not wearing a rather clingy Mrs Incredible Outfit!

So take heed, things absolutely don’t always go to plan, but when you have  vision, passion and bravery , you can find the golden nugget to walk away with even if it wasn’t what you planned.

So be brave, be the superhero you are inside but just be grateful you’re not wearing the outfit!

Please share your superhero moments with us too 🙂

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