How do you find a rewarding work life balance around your family?


Without a doubt, before you have children, work and careers are relatively simple. As a mum, not only does it become more difficult to find a role that fits into a family friendly way of working, with days off when required and short hours when they are at schools and, I almost forgot,  about 14 weeks off during the year too! It’s not just that though – for many, the buzz goes out of working because we crave more time with our own children. Without a doubt it is a tough call.

But don’t despair as there are alternatives out there. We’ve just completed our really fantastic three days of training for our new Creation Station franchise owners- and I asked the ladies if I could record their thoughts. I also asked them how they found out about what options were out for them, and Angela and Annie both found their perfect career listed on

Watch Angela and Annie talk about their own struggles and what they have done about it.

You can read more about Angela and Annies story on The Working Mums online magazine and if you fancy goingto their Creation Station classes, contact Angela Hood from West Tyne & Wear here, and Annie Vigar from Penzance here.

I understand these feelings, in fact it’s why I set up the Creation Station 10 years ago- my 3 boys were  all small and I needed to have that flexibility. If you would like to find out more, grab your free ‘Shiny Future Pack’ – we look forward  to hearing from you. Sarah Cressall

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