Top 10 Finger Tips for Finger Painting


Finger painting is fantastic fun and anyone, at any age can do it. It can be hugely messy but great fun and children get so much out of it. It can help many children get used to different textures and feelings on their hands. Plus it’s a real magical discovery that they can create and change their environment.

So to help ensure that everything within 6 feet isn’t given a colour makeover, here are our 10 top ‘Finger Tips’ to keep you relatively sane!

Finger painting with your Toddler

Finger painting with Toddlers

1. Cover the area with a plastic cloth or old newspaper.

2. Pop old clothes or a suitable overall on your child.

3. To reduce staining use a good washable paint like Crayola

4. Reduce the number of colours so that they aren’t all mixed up top make brown!

5. Pour the paint into a flat open tray- this reduces the ‘knocking over’ factor  e.g.; use an old ready meal container or meat tray

6. Try adding flour to make the  paint really thick

7. Prepare and plan your washing up area before you start! A few bubbles will help to encourage  painted hands to go straight in.

8. Big sheets of paper work really well with little ones. Try using lining paper or roll of paper to let them feel confident to explore.

9. Encourage their mark making and just let them experiment. Try asking them to tell you about what they are doing, rather than ‘what is it’.

10. When the paint is dry select a couple of painting to display. Try use a black pen to draw lines on the marks.

Of course, the whole hand and possibly other parts will be often painted too – see what patterns and marks can be made.

Have fun and please let me know what finger painting fun you have got up to .

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