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Over the past year as a Creation Station Franchisee,  Sarah ( The Founder and M.D) has helped me immensely. I have had close contact with her from enquiring about starting up my franchise to increasing revenue and exposure now I am more established.

The first contact I had with Sarah was when I went down to Devon to enquire about buying a Creation Station franchise, I had taken my daughter who was 6 months old at the time and my mum with me and we all felt instantly welcomed by Sarah and her team. We participated in a session and then went back to Sarah’s house for tea and cake to find out more about the opportunity. I was instantly impressed with the professional
materials Sarah had produced from the franchise pack to the session plans and
was amazed by the amount of hard work she had put into it. I could tell that
this was something that had the potential to grow massively and really wanted
to be part of it.

Carly Miller The Creation Station Franchise Owner

Carly Miller runs her own Creation Station Franchise

Once returning from Devon I was in contact with Sarah daily arranging my area and setting up my training. A month later I again travelled down
to Devon for a week’s worth of intensive training from how to run and party and
session to the best way to market my business and find a venue. Sarah was there
every step of the way providing excellent advice. The great thing with Sarah is
that she has run the sessions herself and run a successful area which makes her
advice even more valuable as you know she has been in your shoes.

After my training things began to move very quickly with setting up my venues and starting classes and parties but I always knew that Sarah was at the end of the phone with any advice and support I needed.

As the months progressed I got more in depth enquiries from providing arty entertainment at Baby and Toddler Shows to Corporate Family Fun Days. Even though I was more experienced by then Sarah was still always willing to help providing me with an Event Step by Step Manual, helping me put together proposal’s and even hosting conference calls between franchisees for help and support.

I have now completed my first year as a franchisee and am still amazed by the level of support Sarah offers me. I have never felt a burden and know that if I ever need advice she is always there. I am so pleased that I bought into a franchise that offers so much great
support and don’t feel that I would have been as successful if I had not received that.

As a mum I have struggled in the past to get a balance between my work and family life and Sarah has supported me in this greatly. As Sarah herself is mum to three boys she understands how difficult  balancing this can be and is always making sure that I make enough time for my family. A recent example of this is when I went down to Devon in June for the Creation Station Conference. Even though Sarah was extremely busy organizing
this she spent a long time talking to me and offering me advice. I was starting to be so busy that work was taking over my life, I did not have enough time for myself and my family and it was really dragging me down. I explained to Sarah how I felt and she listened and offered me some fantastic advice. It was really hard as I felt I should be pleased that my franchise had taken off so much and was becoming really successful but it was actually making me feel overwhelmed and upset. After speaking to Sarah I had the confidence to get my life back under control and put measures in place so that I could have more quality time with my family and start having fun again. It has taken me a few months but I
am now back on track and am looking forward to all of the exciting developments

I have always been really impressed with Sarah’s interaction with clients and this has been a great source of business for me. I recently ran activities at Chessington World of Adventures for 9 days which was an enquiry that Sarah had dealt with. This provided me
with a large source of income and a lot of fantastic marketing opportunities. I always feel that Sarah listen’s to mine and the other franchisee’s ideas and opinions and works hard to
incorporate these into the business strategy. We are launching Baby Discovery sessions in September which is something that Sarah has put together after listening to all of the franchisee’s support for this. It is really nice to know that your views are being heard and that she will also try her best to resolve these and offer more fantastic income streams for us all.

I have no doubt that the success of The Creation Station is down to Sarah’s fantastic way of producing sessions and parties that inspire and interact with each individual customer. Sarah has put in placve a great Head Office team, who have the same values and support ethic that she  and our brand represent. I have had so many fantastic comments from my customers about the sessions and parties and this is all down to the passion and vision Sarah has created  through our brand values and team.

Carly Miller

Creation Station Franchisee –

About yourcreationstation

We love to inspire imaginations, and we have a wealth of fun activities, ideas and general cool stuff to do this. So whether it is activities or classes for your child, fabulous birthday party entertainment or activities for an event we can help. You can even run your own Creation Station inspiring business that fits brilliantly around family life.

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