Discover exactly why The Creation Station is the Number 1 choice for mums


As the fastest growing children’s activity franchise in the U.K. We want to share with you exactly why The Creation Station is

The Mums Number 1 Choice

So here goes:
The Creation Station Franchise Owner  Success Factor 1.
#1 The business was created  by a Mum for Mums.

8 Mums training to run their own The CreationStation Franchise

8 Mums training to run their own The CreationStation Franchise

Sarah Cressall,  started the business  in 2002, with three children under 3 and a half years of age. Sarah wanted to be there for her boys,  not just in their preschool years, but when they started school too. There just didn’t seem to be any work that had the flexibility she needed, that was also  stimulating  and provided a

Another 6 Mums training to run their own Creation Station franchise

Another 6 Mums training to run their own Creation Station franchise

decent income. As you probably know, it’s  tough to find a job that tick’s all these boxes.
Sarah spotted a huge gap in the market and spent 5 years developing the business. She established robust  systems making the business easy to deliver – even when she had hardly slept!
5 years later, in 2007, when Josh her youngest started school and  with the support of the BFA Sarah awarded her first franchise.
In the meantime Sarah has been pretty focussed on making the Creation Station brand a household name for children’s creative experiences. Sarah was awarded Business Woman of the Year 2009, in the Leicestershire awards, Finalist in Extraordinary Woman of the Year awards  2011, Entrepreneur of the month and  Sarah is up for Mumpreneur of the year 2011  this weekend !
Sarah maintains her values of work life balance supports her growing team of franchisees not just with business support but help with keeping the balance right.

Watch  Sarah  talking about the Creation Station

An example of just one of many support systems Sarah has put in place is funding  an out of office answer machine service for each person. This ensures that  important family time in the evenings aren’t disturbed with calls – and what is even better, the details of the call are emailed immediately, so if the enquiry can be followed up straight away. This really does help to put you in control and prioritise your family time.

This is a business that is driven by values, passion and a vision.  Sarah has inspired not only her team but thousands of people to  achieve their own dreams. You see , it’s not about running a Creation Station franchise at all. Our passion is about ‘Feeling good on the inside’ It’s about finding your dream and making a plan to achieve it.

Read what Carly, who runs her own franchise thinks of a Founder and Managing Director who understands what its like being a Mum running your own business.

If you want to meet Sarah and have a chat to see how this opportunity could work for you, come along to one of our Discovery Events – they are free, good fun and with no obligation.

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