Win The Ultimate Arts and Crafts Treasure Chest worth over £200.00

Win The Ultimate Arts and Crafts Treasure Chest worth over £200.00

Win the Ultimate Arts & Crafts Children’s Treasure Chest worth £200 – packed full of cool stuff to inspire imaginations.

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Win £200 worth of awesome arts & crafts

As you may know we love inspiring children imaginations. So we have put together our very favourite tools and art & craft materials to inspire your child’s imagination. It is

“The Absolute Ultimate Funky Doody Loads Of Cool Arts & Crafts Stuff To Play with on this Planet” (accordinging to my three boys, Sarah Cressall!)

The Ultimate Arts & Crafts Treasure Chest includes: Crayola washable paint, overalls, scrap books, paint brushes, glue, sequins, paper, mini wooden treasures to paint, loads of t-shirts to design, fabric pens, pencils, pencil sharpener, stretched canvas to paint, glitter, pipecleaners, beads, elastic, funky paint tools, paint pots, crayons… to mention just a few things!

Please leave a comment below and share with us what you or your little ones, would do with all this cool stuff. Then to enter simply email to enter with details of your address with postcode and your phone number before the 10th July 2011. Winners will be contacted directly and news posted on our facebook (T & C apply) Good luck!

>> August 2011 Update- Congratulations to Wendy Hurst for winning the Treasure Chest. We were really inspired by Wendy. Wendy is sharing the items with her local special needs school and her 4 lovely children. Have fun Wendy x

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We love to inspire imaginations, and we have a wealth of fun activities, ideas and general cool stuff to do this. So whether it is activities or classes for your child, fabulous birthday party entertainment or activities for an event we can help. You can even run your own Creation Station inspiring business that fits brilliantly around family life.

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  1. I would donate it to my son’s special school because when I see their faces of when they bring the pictures and items they have made home. They are beaming with absolute pride which to me is priceless


    • HI Wendy,
      I would like to let you know THAT YOU HAVE WON! The totally awesome arts and crafts treasure chest is yours.
      It has been really difficult to choose the winner, but your story just moved myself and my team. I think your comment about the children beaming with pride, and what a priceless gift this is, just summed up for us, the amazing and unique benefit that art and craft experiences can give. It doesn’t matter what age, ability, or circumstances, children can feel amazing when they are enabled to have a go and be creative!
      So thank you for your entry and for brightening our day with your lovely words.
      Can’t wait to see the masterpieces! Please can you share them with us? Thank you!
      Sarah, Nicki and Ian 🙂


      • Thank you so much this is such a great prize. I gave my son’s school your art chest they can’t thank you enough. They are going to have so much fun creating and making things. Can’t wait to see what they do and make and I will definitely send you some pictures. You made my son’s day he was so proud taking the art chest to school .

        Wendy x


  2. My little girl loves to draw but she is just beginning to get to the age when the spark of creativity ingnites. I’d love to help her move from drawing simple pictures onto creating whole worlds. And inventing things by sticking bits of junk together and then painting them to turn them into something more fantastic.


  3. I would love to win the treasure chest, I do volunteer work at a primary school with a class of 30 7year old kids who love to learn, experiment and create all sort of wonderful things…. some needing more imagination than others to see what they are meant to be… but hey.. an art genius isn’t made overnight but maybe, just maybe, one day, one of them will, at worst enjoy their art and at best, make a living out of it. With a budget severly cut this next year, it would be perfect present to the school to keep the art living next term.


  4. wow we would love to win this, we would have alot of crafty days! making lots of nice presents for daddy – my daughter would love the glitter and painting t shirts and the mini treasure boxes sound fab! My son would have great fun with the paints and crayons!


  5. Oh, dear, me and my little girl would have hours of fun and not only on rainy days! We both are crafty souls and love making things with our hands. We would enjoy the prize IMMENSELY!


  6. @chrriss88
    Bobby would make greetings cards, he loves to draw and create cards and pictures for all his family & friends and his bedroom wall!


  7. My daughter loves getting messy and creating things so she would have a whale of a time with this treasure stuff. First job would probably be to create some funky artwork for her new baby sister, due in August, to brighten up her nursery!


    • HI Catherine, thanks so much for entering. How exciting your daughter will become a big sister! I hope your coping with this hot weather ok? feel for you- my Middle some was born in August too! Good luck- with everything Sarah Cressall …. Do subscribe to my blog as I have some great articles coming on baby play and children helping in the house..!


  8. My son Christopher (20months) and I would make a water scene for his wall. He’s obsessed with fish! I’m so incredibly happy that he’s really into drawing and painting at this young age. Since his dad and I met at art college we always hoped he’s be arty but didn’t want to push it onto him.
    We’d love this.


    • HI Kathryn, that’s so cool! I know the feeling- my 3 boys were never ones to spend hours colouring in ‘nicely’ like their female equivalents but they cab model, collage, create, imagine and problem solve brilliantly. They have always come to my classes when I ran The Creation Station as my own franchise, and they got so much out of this. It’s interesting now, my eldest, who’s 12, is really good at maths now, and the teacher says that he’s very good at solving a problem creatively. So, like you say, it’s so good to involve your children in creative fun as the whole process is beneficial. Have you seen our franchise opportunity? It sounds like something that you may enjoy and your little one can come along with you. Here’s the link for some info that you may find interesting 🙂


  9. well… if we won this here is what we would do with it all…
    Firstly, I would clear out the basement and get it ready for our funfilled day of craz-ee creativi-tee!!
    I would make arts & crafts stations with all the different prizes, so there would be a t-shirt station, a canvas painting station, a colouring station, a beading station, a cutting & sticking station, a free painting station andatreasure painting station to name a few. I would then gather up all my 5 year olds bestest friends, put on the brightest aprons we can find and we would ignite our creative juices and celebrate everything that is beautiful and girly in a truly magical funky doody day with these spectacular goodies!
    …that is what we would do if we won! ❤


  10. I’d love to win this so I can do some arts and crafts with my nieces – they are 3 & 4, and crazy! It’s good to chill out with them and get some crafty stuff going – we draw and glue regularly, and last year we made Christmas cards but it would be good to get some inspiration for some different things!


  11. Fantastic prize. I would love to win these cool stuff for my niece.She is 4 years old and she loves drawing and painting. She will be so happy if she get such beautiful gift


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